Workplace Spirituality Competency Model

The Workplace Spirituality Competency Model identifies what it takes to derive meaning and purpose from work, a sense of community at work, and the alignment of organizational and individuals values.


Dr. Ausar combines his practical experience with the results of peer-reviewed academic research he has published to create the model, which:

  • Defines the competencies and skills necessary for a meaningful and purposeful work experience.

  • Supports organizational leaders in their pursuit os a healthy workplace culture .

  • Helps individuals and organizations identify and cultivate mutually shared values.


Please see the information below that defines each competency:

Self Awareness.jpg

Knows and Manages Self

Demonstrates and maintains awareness, control of one's own emotional state, attitudes, and ability to deal with mental and emotional trauma; maintains personal effectiveness and emotional stability, even in the face of adversity, provocation, stress and/or high workload.

Purpose 3.jpg

Constructs Meaning and Purpose in Work

Connects meaning and purpose with work and career; understand how personal attributes contribute to personal and organizational success; seeks to find ways to contribute to the greater good and common interests.

positive energy.jpg

Displays and Maintains Positivity

Monitors and manages thoughts and feelings to ensure emotional balance; maintains positive personal energy vibration and takes immediate action when negative personal energy is realized; seeks first to understand without judgment; intentionally models empathy, kindness, and compassion.


Builds and Maintains Positive Relationships

Establishes and maintains positive relationship with all others in the workplace; intentionally engages others and finds sustainable solutions when conflicts arise; proactively seeks fairness and justice when resolving conflicts.