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Dr. Ausar has been conducting research on the concept of workplace spirituality since 2015. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and has done consulting and research with  organization, such as Starbucks and Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, on this topic. As noted below, the interest in spirituality is growing significantly. 


While the workplace offers a context in which we can realize our goals, dreams, and aspirations, it can also be a spiritual warzone where we battle social hostility, incivility, and discrimination. Our "spirit at work" can be the key factor in the realization of our career desires and victory over destructive internal and external forces related to work. Spirituality in the workplace operates at 3 distinct levels. The spiritual competencies below are designed to enable growth of specific spiritual skills that enhance well-being, enable career success, and decrease internal and external negative energy.   

Individual Level

We lead and support individuals who are seeking to cultivate their spiritual attributes so that they can learn to live by spiritual laws and spiritual principles. The process leads to higher levels of well-being and the achievement of goals, dreams, and aspirations. 

Group Level

We work with leaders to increase their spiritual intelligence capacity. We believe that leader development must involve need a specialized approach that includes character assessment and competency-based education focused on spiritual cultivation.    

Organizational Level

We conduct research with our corporate partners who are looking to create or maintain spirituality in the workplace or measure the spiritual intelligence of leaders. We measure factors such as meaningful work, sense of community, and values alignment. 

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Spiritually Health People 

Spiritually healthy people have a desire to be in unity with others and their environment

Spiritually healthy people have a desire for greater meaning and purpose 

Spiritually healthy people have a desire for truth and knowledge

Spiritually healthy people have a desire to rid themselves of  undesirable and dysfunctional behavior

Spiritually healthy people have a desire for justice and protection

Spiritually healthy people have a desire for physical and mental well-being